Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in the Centre for Paralegal Studies courses?

No, there are no prerequisites.  All course material is provided and you don’t need any prior knowledge or skills.

Are the Centre for Paralegal Studies courses only suitable for people working as paralegals or intending to work as a paralegal?

No.  Although the courses are suitable for paralegals and those wishing to obtain employment as a paralegal, they can benefit anyone who wants to increase their knowledge and skills.

This could be someone in an administrative role or legal administrative role who wants to apply for a promotion or a new job.

There are also many people who have an interest in a particular aspect of the law who would enjoy the course. And others, such as retirees, may want to undertake some self-paced study.

Is there a time limit for a course?

No. Because each course is online and self-paced, you can do it as quickly or as slowly as you wish.

Is there a test at the completion of the course?

Yes.  At the completion of each course, there is a multiple choice assessment. You must pass the assessment to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Do I obtain a Certificate when I complete a course?

Yes.  When you have successfully completed a course, you will receive a Certificate from the Centre for Paralegal Studies. The Certificate will record your name and the course you’ve completed.

Can I access the Centre for Paralegal Studies courses from my mobile phone?

Yes.  You can access your course on your mobile phone or from any other mobile device, tablet or computer.  If you have the internet you can access your course wherever you are – you could be at your favourite café, at the shops or even on holidays lying next to the pool.

Are the Centre for Paralegal Studies courses certified?

No. However, each course has been written by a practising Barrister with extensive experience and knowledge in the relevant legal areas.  If there is any particular body which you have in mind when asking about certification, please let us know.

Do the Centre for Paralegal Studies courses qualify for a government training subsidy?

No.  However, we have kept the cost of each course low despite the expertise that has gone into writing and preparing each course.  The Centre for Paralegal Studies wants their courses to be accessible to everyone.

I am studying law. Do I need to undertake a course at the Centre for Paralegal Studies?

No.  The courses do not provide any qualifications which entitle you to practise law.  However, as a law student it is very competitive to obtain a summer clerkship position, a graduate position or a part-time job as a paralegal.  The Centre for Paralegal Studies hopes that completing a number of the courses it offers may assist you in applying for these positions with law firms.

Does the Centre for Paralegal Studies offer any face to face classes or are they all online?

Yes. The Centre for Paralegal Studies does offer a number of face to face courses throughout the year.  Please contact us directly for more details.  At the moment, these courses are only conducted in Sydney and Melbourne.


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