The Centre for Paralegal Studies is all about you – it’s about helping you get a step up the ladder towards the career you want.

Getting a job can be tough.  There’s fierce competition for employment, and it can be disheartening when you experience constant knockbacks.  You quickly discover that having a passion is not enough.

We established the Centre for Paralegal Studies to give you a competitive edge.  With a certificate from the Centre for Paralegal Studies under your belt, you’ll show prospective employers that you are serious about a career and that you’ve taken steps on your own to further your education.  You may not know it, but many professionals started their career as a paralegal.

Our courses are undertaken by students wanting to secure a paralegal position and anyone wanting to improve their qualifications, such as administrative or secretarial staff, or other staff who are encouraged to upskill.  Companies can benefit in many ways from having staff who increase their education.

We’re strong proponents of bettering yourself; taking positive steps to enhance your experience, improve your resume and your qualifications.

And we know what law firms need!

Our courses – the difference

All courses at the Centre for Paralegal Studies have been written and reviewed by practising legal professionals – including barristers and solicitors – so you are learning directly from the experts.  That’s our unique difference. You’ll receive information, knowledge and practical tips to help you understand areas of law and to perform tasks commonly asked of paralegals. Our courses are comprehensive, relevant, engaging and practical.  They are clearly laid out in an easy-to-follow format.  And because they’re online, you can complete your course when and where you choose. Each course has an assessment to ensure that you fully understand the material. When you complete a course, you will obtain a certificate from the Centre for Paralegal Studies.

Our beliefs

Put simply, the beliefs that fuel the Centre for Paralegal Studies are:

  • Invest in yourself
  • Invest in your staff
  • Continue to learn.

So, choose your course and start on your journey with the Centre for Paralegal Studies.  You’ll improve your resume. You’ll increase your qualifications. And you’ll have a greater chance of making your chosen career a reality. 


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